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Feb 2023

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Designing & developing a tour booking web app (Life Ventures Travel)

Creating a drop-dead gorgeous website for a luxurious travel destination can become quite a tough row to hoe. It’s a remarkably smooth process of blending minimalism with a stunning design and maximum utility. And of course, we had to balance it with the business needs.


Create an online platform that will allow users to book a tour for travel purposes and with any budget. In addition, to create a full tour, add multiple starting dates for the same tour. display map of the locations.

The customer should be able to explore all tours, write reviews about their travel, and book tours. The platform should be able to accept payments through PayPal or credit cards.


We didn’t just make the website usability easy as pie for both the client and the end-user. Our minimalist and photographically-driven approach enabled a sophisticated user experience.Therefore the flow of the site can be experienced in a way that naturally generates conversions.

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