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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending promotional messages to people in mass quantities. It typically is to generate sales or leads and it may contain advertising.

It may be one of the oldest forms of digital communication, but email still reigns supreme when it comes to usage.

Sure, there are other newer methods of communicating with your audience and customers. Communication methods like social media, live chat, and many others. However, with a user base of over 4 billion people, email is the king of marketing channels.

Getting into someone’s inbox is like being invited to their home for dinner. If they ask you to take your shoes off, you respectfully do so.It’s the same with email marketing, so before we begin I’d simply like to remind you to be on your best behavior at all times and remember… you’re a guest in their inbox.

Now, let’s talk about how to build your email marketing strategy from the ground up.


Email Marketing Services That Drive Conversions

Enjoy Unparalleled Return on Investment

Superior Template Design

At WebNT , we believe that a great email is more than just an attractive message that hits your inbox. Our email marketing firm designs email marketing newsletter and drip campaign templates built with clean code and responsive to all email clients and screen sizes.

Installation on the ESP of Your Choice

Do you need help getting your template installed on your preferred ESP? We’ve got you covered! Our email marketing expert takes your completed design and transfers it over to your chosen ESP, so all you need to do is start sending emails.

Quality Assurance (QA)
and Testing

Our email company runs each of our email newsletters and marketing email designs through multiple industry-leading tools to ensure they are well-coded, responsive and work exactly as intended. Build more emails faster with help from our email marketing firm.

Training on Custom Templates

As one of the best email marketing companies, we don’t just deliver a well-designed template. Our email marketing expert also teaches your team to use it! Each delivered template comes with a video training recording that walks you through the design and email process.

Review of Marketing Goals and Targeting

How effective is email marketing in achieving your brand objectives? As a top email marketing service provider, we work with you to gain a strong understanding of your email marketing goals. We review your target audience, look for missed opportunities from campaigns sent up to this point and develop a strategy to obtain your unique goals.

Brand Guidelines and Asset Coordination

Consistency is key to acquire email marketing return on investment. That is why we adhere to your brand guidelines. We also know that content needs change from time to time, so our account managers organize all the items we need to drive brand success and develop a marketing calendar. This way, you know which campaigns will be deployed next.

Ongoing List Maintenance

Reliable email marketing companies do not just focus on engaging your audience; they also ensure you’re targeting the right people and segmenting unengaged contacts. As an email marketing services provider, our goal is to consistently increase engagement with our ongoing list maintenance. We ensure the right message is sent to the right contact every time.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

We produce SEO-friendly content for your website, whether that’s creating share-worthy blog posts or optimizing pre-existing service and product pages with more content. Search engines love a website that adds new content on a regular basis. Choose our SEO firm to support your content needs and bolster your search marketing.

Ongoing Management and Optimization

Sometimes, additional work is needed to ensure the best health of your ESP. This can include additional segmentation, list cleaning, revising the marketing strategy based on engagement and many other factors. Our email marketing team works hard to ensure your account is optimized and operates at peak performance.

High Return
on Investment

Email marketing can produce a higher ROI than many other marketing channels. Successful businesses can make upwards of $38 for each $1 they spend on their targeted email marketing services.


We’ll track statistics such as open rates, spam complaints, and conversions and use this information to evaluate how we can adjust our strategy to ensure your company sees continuous growth.

Works on
Multiple Devices

Mobile formatting is a key component to drive real user engagement. Most businesses, however, are unaware that generic templates don’t format correctly on phones, which can lose them countless conversions. Our graphic designers adjust template designs for both desktop and mobile displays

Email Marketing Services That Grow Traffic and Increase Revenue

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Email Lite

BWP 899

  • One(1) Email Blast / Month
  • Custom Template Design
  • Designed to Meet Your Business Needs
  • Copywriting Services
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Social Sharing 
  • CAN-SPAM Act Compliant
  • Monthly reporting
  • Split Testing Forms
  • Newsletter Email Template
  • Advanced Popup/Form Build-Out
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Email PlusRecommended

BWP 1649

  • Two (2) Email Blast / Month
  • Custom Template Design
  • Designed to Meet Your Business Needs
  • Copywriting Services
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Social Sharing 
  • CAN-SPAM Act Compliant
  • Monthly reporting
  • Split Testing Forms
  • Newsletter Email Template
  • Advanced Popup/Form Build-Out
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Email Premium

BWP 2499

  • Up to 30 Pages Optimized
  • Site Audit
  • Keywords Plan (Up to 50)
  • On-page SEO optimization (12hrs)
  • Meta Title & Description, 
  • Schema Markup Organization
  • Google Business Profile Setup & Verification
  • Monthly reporting
  • Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Advanced On-Site / Code Optimization
  • Offsite Link Building
  • Content Creation, Optimization & Editing
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