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Benefits of using our social media management tool

By Apps

Social media is all about building a strong community. It has to be a place your client’s audience want to come back to.

Gone are the days of using social as a distribution channel where posting the same message across all channels delivered results.

You need to create engaging content that can be scanned amidst incessant interruptions and daily distractions, but when pieced together over time, delivers a brand’s story in a valuable and meaningful way.

1. Stay focused with our unified social media dashboard

Now you can easily identify important messages and take action in one place, including delegating conversations to specific team members.

You can also stay focused on what’s important by filtering your inbox by specific social profiles when needed.

1. Monitor your company’s brand reputation

Track what’s being said about your client’s brand on blogs, in the news, social networks and in comments. Use Sendible’s automatic sentiment analysis to identify mentions that need your urgent attention.

1. Look good when you report on your success

Build branded, presentation-ready reports to impress your clients and prove the ROI of your social media efforts.

Continuously report on your progress by automatically emailing useful metrics to your clients.

1. More integrations than any other tool

Connect all the most popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Google My Business. You can even publish blogs directly!

With direct access to Canva, Google Drive, YouTube and Dropbox your team’s content is only ever a click away.

Manage your social media more effectively

Deliver results for the brands you manage.